terça-feira, 28 de junho de 2011

Two new videos

Argh X_X It has been difficult to choose a song that Hirune can sing X_X I was planning on making a Yandere music for her, but, she cannot sing fast songs X_X

But, now, Hirune has a pet :3 Tako Hiru \o/

Munchlax Hat \o/

quarta-feira, 22 de junho de 2011


Sorry for not posting Hirune voicebank in ACT 1 yet, I'm having some problems with her samples so, I will have to record EVERYTHING AGAIN X_X

I promise I will try to release her ACT 1 the faster I can.

domingo, 5 de junho de 2011

Hirune Migurushii ACT 0 voice ( DOWNLOAD ) :3

Finally, I could complete Hirune voicebank *-*

Well, her voice have some problems, I'll solve these problems in ACT 1.(It will be launched next week, I think.)

Good Luck in working with her :3 ( You'll need it )

First Post

Finally, my first blog, my first post, and even my first video *-*

I'm Hirune ( No, I'm not Hirune, I'm just her voice ), and, for now, I'll be here ( annoying you ) posting my videos to you! Pretending to be an oficcial UTAULoid : 3

In this post, I'll show you the first music I sang. There are some errors, that will be solved as soon as possible ( In some parts, the sound is very low, and, the time is a little bit problematic ) .

OBS: My draws are horrible! X_X