domingo, 17 de julho de 2011

Coming Soon...

Okay, I'm trying to change Hirune completely, and, until the end of the year, this will be the things that I will launch or change in her voicebank/desing.

- New appends ( Whisper, Disease and Yandere appends ). Estimated time ( 1 ~ 3 months )
- English and French/Russian/Portuguese voicebanks. Estimated time ( 1 ~ 2 months )
- ACT 2 ( Voice without noises ). Estimated time ( 1 ~ 2 months )
- New design ( Hirune will not be a chibi anymore. ). Estimated time ( 1 month )
- New Tako Hiru and Kuma Migurushii designs ( Tako Hiru will be a little edited. Kuma design will be created ). Estimate time ( 1 ~ 2 months )
- New Derivated UTAUloid. Ikari Migurushii ( Failed ). Estimated time ( 2 months )
- MMD model for Hirune, Kuma or Ikari. Estimated time ( I'll do it on the end of the year )
- Modification on her Profile on UTAU wiki. Estimated time ( In the end of the Year )
- Maybe a name modification. Estimated time ( I don't know if I will change )

So much things X_X I am still doubting that I'll do it all in one year. I hope I can.

EDIT - The appends will now be Sweet, Disease and Evil .
EDIT² - English and French voicebanks and no name modification.
EDIT³ - Final Decision: The appends will be Childish append, Vivid Append and Soft Append.

terça-feira, 5 de julho de 2011

ACT 1 Voicebank + New Video

Finally, one month birthday \o/ and, a new voicebank \o/ * Happy : D *

Here is Hirune ACT 1 voicebank. If you want more information about it, go to the session " Downloads ".

There's a new video too \o/ * More Happy * It was difficult to choose a song that her could sing. I spent all my last week searching for the right song, and, I found this song and the song " Dolls ". I decided to make this one, I don't know why XD

Weeeeell, Thanks for all your views in Youtube : 3

segunda-feira, 4 de julho de 2011

Finally \o/

Sooooon, I'll be launching Hirune ACT 1 \O/

I just want to tell you that I solved just a few problems in her voicebank, the noise in the back continues D:

Well, soon it will be Hirune's one month birthday too ~