History of the UTAUloid

Hirune was originally produced to be a boy, yes, a boy. It's because of this that she wears men's clothing in her original design. She received the Feminine touch when the creator put the colors on her.

Her first cover song, " I'll quit singing " was a disaster. Her voice was a little bit masculine ( Because of the voice provider ) and a CHIBI CANNOT HAVE A MALE VOICE! So, her voice was changed to g-30 in her second video, the video that she made her first duet, with her Idol, Luka. In this video, her voice was much better, she sounded like a true chibi. Nowadays, I don't use this configuration anymore.

Her voice is still hard to be worked, however, it's easier than before.


A new design was made for Hirune, a real girl design, and, her voice was improved.